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 File Backup
 Restore Time: USB restore of 40GB image?
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Posted - March 11 2009 :  23:10:08  Show Profile
I notice backing up via USB 2.0 SimpleTech 1TB backup drive takes MUCH LONGER time to RESTORE than to BACKUP... why?

I used the Default Compression option instead of no compression or high compression..

Backup time for about 120GB image..around 1-3 hours
Restore time for about 120GB image.. 9 hours
... why the big difference between backup and restore time?

Is USB 2.0's write speed(making the image) that much faster than it's read speed? Could this be a Macrium glitch?

2) How long would it take to restore using USB 2.0 and Macrium, a 40GB image..

After 1 hour at restoring the 40GB image its at at 15%. 15% of 40GB is 6GB
so 6GB/ hour
40GB/ [6GB/hour] is 6.66 ~= 7 hours to restore.
Is it supposed to take this long?

based on the USB 2.0 specifications @60MB/s =
40960MB/60MB/s~=683 seconds/60=11 hours

I should really copy the huge files from this image elsewhere.. before imaging to speed up image restore times in the future I guess..

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Posted - March 11 2009 :  23:39:22  Show Profile
Are you using the linux boot disk restoring images?
Just wanted to clarify since this is in the File Backup forum.
Typically, restores take about the same time as the imaging process, so it sounds like possibly a driver issue.

If you are using the linux disk, recreate another boot disk with compatibility mode checked in the advanced area.
Also, try a BartPE disk and see if that makes a difference.

Edited by - Merlin on March 12 2009 00:09:57
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New Member

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Posted - March 12 2009 :  00:23:56  Show Profile
That's a smart suggestion of yours, I thought maybe USB 2.0 write/read speeds had some difference.. but since its not running from windows but from linux.. definitely the drivers could be a cause.

Well I was using a Targus VGA dock USB, but I'm pretty sure I did a restore with it directly attached and it took about the same amount of time.
Yes I'm using the Macrium boot CD to restore

What would compatability mode do?

I thought maybe BartPE would be bad, since I'm running SP3, but I guess it just needs to boot and get all the drivers. That seems like a great suggestion, thanks.

And as a feature suggestion, perhaps allow viewing the RESTORE USB transfer rate for debugging this perhaps if its possible.

Edited by - xsouldeath on March 12 2009 01:05:11
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Posted - March 12 2009 :  05:24:02  Show Profile
anyways for the record it took 6 hours and 20 minutes
To Restore 40.886GB via USB 2.0 with SimpleTech and a Targus Dock USB .. Via Macrium Linux CD .. With Recommended Compression ..
It went From 5:56pm to 12:16am [ 6 hours 20 minutes]

And I've created a BartPE CD I will test eventually.
BartPE CD failed to boot.. some ACPI error on bootup.

Edited by - xsouldeath on March 12 2009 15:39:37
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Posted - March 12 2009 :  16:29:06  Show Profile
Check your BIOS for IDE or Legacy options.
Hopefully Nick will be by shortly with other options.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - March 12 2009 :  16:49:01  Show Profile
BartPE CD failed to boot.. some ACPI error on bootup

Did you build the BartPE CD with the Windows installaton files from the same PC? You shouldn't have this problem if you did. We don't provide BartPE so you are better of posting questions about booting BartPE in the BartPE community.

The Linux environment may have a problem with your USB interface. Look in your BIOS for USB different options that you can try or use a firewire interface if you have it.

The Linux CD works fine with 99% of PC's but can have issues with some. If the slow restore isn't acceptable to you and you can't get the BartPE option to work then Windows PE 2.0 is the only other option.

Kind Regards

Nick - Macrium Support

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Posted - March 12 2009 :  17:48:29  Show Profile
Okay thanks so much Nick,Merlin, with Bart PE created with my computers c:\windows and slipstreamed to SP3 my issues are resolved.

Backup Time for 26.982GB
25 minutes
Bart PE Restore Time for 27.218GB
22 minutes (1:09pm-1:31pm)
Roughly speed of 1GB/minute. Good stuff

Yes, Slow Restore is very sad, in fact its so slow.. Like were talking about 8 hours versus say.. 30 minutes.

I could provide you with a file listing of that BartPE CD if you would be interested to improve Macrium, fixing or narrowing down the driver it needs to go at proper speeds. Let me know

If not, a glitch, well I'd certainly recommend this thread to people with long restore times... BartPE works like a charm, now.

Yes, Nick you are definitely right!
I initially created it using just the D:\i386 (from a pre-SP1..which I manually updated,by copying and pasting the CD contents and then ran a command something like sp1update.exe -s to SP1 using command line )

The correct method seems to be:
created BartPE using c:\windows and slipstreaming to Service Pack 3

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